Co-founded Creative Crews Singapore with Ekkachan and Puiphai, Xiaoxing has more than 10 years practicing experience in China and Southeast Asia. She has obtained Singapore Registered Architect license in 2016 and became Associate at her previous award-winning firm Chan Sau Yan Associates in 2018.

Her work ranged from private residences to high rise commercial buildings and high-end hotels in different countries at various geographical conditions. She focused on creating unique spatial qualities and luxury living experiences evident throughout her extensive portfolio of hospitality projects. She has been dealing with different hotel operators, from international chains such as Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton, to independent operator such as Lalu and Six Senses.

Having experienced working with clients and consultants from different countries, Xiaoxing brings expertise of operating in cross culture environment and strengthens CC’s ability of reaching out regionally and globally.