We are an integrative architectural firm practicing architecture, interior design, landscape design, and urban design focused on creating designs that:

1) Responds to the people

2) Grows out of necessity

3) Reflects the tectonic of construction and materials

4) Integrates architectural knowledge critically for its boundless, progressive quality

5) Embraces the locality

6) Traces the dormant past of the context to explore its hidden potential based on our constraints, culture, social structure, and regulations

7) Synchronizes with the geographical context


Puiphai Khunawat

T: 66 2390 1699 Ext. 511

Puiphai started her career, working in Singapore at award winning firm – WOHA, where she became the associate in 2006. In 2008, she co-founded WOHA (Thailand) which later in 2010 changed to be Somdoon Architects. At present, she is the founder and Director of Creative Crews Ltd. The projects which she was in charge as the project director ranging from high rise and low rise housing projects, commercial mixed developments such as office and hotel to institutional projects such as library and museum.

Her projects were recognized by international publication and award organizations for instance Siamese Gioia condominium, received citation award from Architectural Association of Siamese Architects and Siamese Ratchakru condominium was shortlisted for Best Tall building award organized by CTBUH (Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat).

Apart from practicing, Puiphai also serves as judge in several Architectural competitions, gives lecture and being guest critic in various Architectural schools and Universities, for example Chulalongkorn university in Bangkok, Thailand and Graz University of Technology in Austria.

Pongpeera Vasinthanaroj

T: 66 2390 1699 Ext. 509

Pongpeera has spent 10 years in a different professional path in construction industry, which pursuits architectural realization through construction management. He had completed extensive projects in different scales such as Pullman Hotel Asoke, Kingpower Pattaya , and a collaboration with Puiphai in 2007 for Hansar Hotel. He later joined her and Ekkachan to co-found Creative Crews.

He believes in constructability, efficiency and budgetary control. His pragmatic approach in architecture offers another perspective in the firm apart from purely architect’s eyes but construction point of view. His solid foundation in industry knowledge and divergent approach has broadened the firm to another level.

Beside above, he is currently cultivating his business skill at Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University to better understand architectural elements in financial aspect.

Ekkachan Eiamananwattana

T: 66 2390 1699 Ext. 511

Co-founded Creative Crews with Puiphai and Pongpeera in 2016, Ekkachan provides different range of architectural background. Apart from his degree in Master of Advanced Studies in Urban Design from ETH Zurich, his profession was in pursuit for civic and cultural programs since he worked with W Architects in Singapore. He was involved in projects from multiple disciplines addressing different scales and contexts. This enabled his multitude comprehension of urban elements in architectural aspect. His engagement of various architecture was evidenced through such as Revitalisation of national heritage Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall; Rejuvenation of invaluable collection of Sir Raffle’s collections via Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. Furthermore, his projects have been recognized by international publications and awards. Educational Resource Centre later on became the landmark for Singapore University Town.

In parallel with above, Ekkachan also works as academics. He lectures, and serves as studio master in Kasetsart University for urban research and design program and architectural program in Bangkok University.

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