Baan San Ngam condominiums are located in the seaside of Cha-am which surrounded by low-rise residential buildings. These condominiums consist of 11 buildings, 4 stories 10 towers and 7 stories 1 tower with shared common facilities inside the building. There are a large continuous water feature and landscape that connects seascape from beach front to project entrance.

The design concept came from site surroundings with the beauty of its seascape. It has become our inspiration to make this natural beauty concrete as a unique architecture. The architecture and interior expression is inspired from the art of nature, the natural patterns, colors, shapes and textures in rock strata which washed down by water and time. These are the natural geological masterpiece of art created by nature and time which reflects in architectural façade and landscape layout design as well. The detail of building form follows the connection of the building functions as we designed architectural elements, bay window which is lifting up and become a seating inside the unit continue to the seating bench outside at the balcony. This cantilever balcony was also inspired by the rough surface of rock.

Every unit faces the seascape or the water feature and landscape to create the living quality. The living area connects to the bedroom with sliding door, it can be flexibly adapted the usability by each user. The ground floor unit can directly enter the water feature and the landscape from its own unit.

Layout of Architecture comes from the condition of the site morphology and existing tree and were set regarding to the visual perception. Each building has different shape depends on its location and how it interact with surroundings, some were added the garden at the balcony and rooftop, some have the internal court with natural light, creating the beauty which gradate at various times of day.

We focused on creating the new experience in architecture in every detail, from master planning to the interior detail design. To create the living experience in an architecture likewise living in the nature as the masterpiece of art.