Bangkok TRYP is a duo use building. It is located in close proximity to the Sanam Pao BTS station and is nestled amongst high-rise offices. The project is separated into two distinct mass horizontally with the shared use area expressed as recessed. The 7-storey building consists of lobby, office, spa and parking area on ground floor, the serviced apartment units on 2nd to 4th floor, public facility on 5th floor, the owner’s private residence on 6th and 7th floor.


The core and vertical circulations are compact into a spine which lined the side of the building bordered by a high-rise office building. This provides privacy and opens the opposite side up for views, to take advantage of the neighbouring two storey block. All units are single loaded corridor given the spatial constraint. Green planters are interspersed throughout the façade, which together with the vertical grills breaks up the façade reducing the overall mass. The pool on the 5th floor provides a break between the bottom half and the owner’s mass above.


The owner’s two storey residence takes the generic home simply lifted up and placed on a podium. The house is clad in the same vertical grills as used to conceal air condensing units below for continuity. Facing away from the office building meant that the project is south facing. The grills reduce glare and at the same time permeable enough to allow constant air flow for natural ventilation.


The project practically deals with the contextual inputs whilst playfully outputting the unique functional combination it houses.