Crown Prince Hospital (CPH)

The primary objective of the Crown Prince Hospital under Royal Patronage, as set out by HM King Rama X, is “to provide excellent medical care ubiquitously and equally”. As such this project aims to elevate the medical standard available in rural areas and honour its patron. The buildings are designed as easily constructed, durable and easily replicated elements, to be commissioned in 21 provinces across the country, determined by the Ministry of Public Health.

Each one will have a central area equipped with a café where social workers and volunteers will be based. Surrounding the central common area are health clinics, commemoration hall, and recreational area where locals meet. The commemoration hall will honour HM the King as CPH’s patron and serve as a variable space for gathering, vaccinations,
large queues, informal relay of preventative measures etc.

The project will also include re-planning of some of the rural hospitals where a masterplan was never conceived. Buildings were constructed organically from a standard design without proper orientation and contextual considerations which led to poor airflow between buildings thus insufficient natural ventilation and overheating. The removal of some existing building and construction of new addition will be done in sequence to remedy this problem and ensure as little disruption to the
hospital functions as possible.

As the project is designed out of practicality for cost efficiency and rapid implementation. Standardised design was employed. Site planning and minor alterations integrate the design to each individual 21 sites, allow for circulation flow, preserve existing trees, and anchor it within its context.