The approach for this project is not to resist the forces of nature, but to instead, mitigate its effects with three simple steps; learn, discuss, and propagate. The proposal will act as a community centre that will facilitate learning and distribute knowledge about flood mitigation agriculture practices, as well as provide shelter if disaster strikes.

LEARN The centre will culminate local knowhow and adapt where necessary. The site is divided into two main demonstration areas for polarising doctrine of food production. To the west is a low maintenance food production option; a planted forest for food and produce foraging. To the east is modern agricultural practice complete with crop, and livestock farming in a flood resistant and sustainable way.

DISCUSS At the centre of the site is the learning centre, complete with fish drying and fermenting facilities, will house activities and conferences. That will aid community understandings of various demonstration areas, prototypes and techniques, to eventually decide on what each family would prefer to adopt in their own home.

PROPAGATE It is hoped that the various components of this project will be adopted and propagate around the Baan Klong Ro community.