FYI Center

FYI is an acronym of — ‘For Your Inspiration’.  The FYI Center is located on the edge of Bangkok’s business district, adjacent to the intersection of Ratchadaphisek and Rama 4 Roads at a junction that many people pass through on their daily commute. There are two buildings, a 12-storey office block providing over 55,000 m² of office space, and a 14-storey, 239-room hotel with public retail outlets and restaurants.

FYI is situated at the edge of two urban contexts between a dense business district and the largest wet market in Bangkok. It was built to be different from other generic office buildings which are not allow for pedestrian connectivity. A permeable ground floor plan, with the main lobbies and retail outlets as a walk-through, attracts people from the local market across the road. Pedestrians approaching the FYI Centre are welcomed by a public plaza which effortlessly transports them to the semi indoor/outdoor lobbies. The design permits continuous airflow through natural ventilation. The site is situated near Bangkok’ shipping port. Shipping containers was used as a main inspiration for the interior design on FYI center.

The project’s site has a sharp, triangular profile, with its longest sides facing East and West. The customized façade system has a unique zig-zag profile. Deep mullions cast shadows onto angled glass panels, minimizing direct sunlight from entering the buildings, while the glazing panels between them are angled oblique to the rays of the sun within the mullion’s depth. This simple design diffuses direct sunlight into a myriad of dancing reflected images.

Celebrating the angular shape of the site, the hotel and the office take the shape of the site and will see the East and West facades meet at a sharp point. Planter box with trees are planned on every alternate floors at this location. This will add a textured layer of soft, natural vegetation to the building decor. Moreover, the undulating western façade exudes movement and fluidity. Light distortions and reflections captivate the attention of passersby and highlight the natural beauty of this iconic structure.