For decades, Bangkok has been expanding, further encompassing surrounding agricultural land. Rather perplexingly, there are still underutilised plots –hidden gems—left undeveloped. This site is such a gem, prime in its location, sitting unrivalled at the very heart of Bangkok, soi Ruamrudee.

Because of the shape of the site, houses are deemed the most suitable typology. In order to fully utilise this space, a pair of houses are to be developed.

Each house is designed with the contemporary Thai family in mind. Where there may be two generations with potentially conflicting lifestyles, living under one roof. As such each house is designed to have twice the number of communal spaces for simultaneous use, perfect for inter-generational living. There are two living rooms, one for receiving guests on the ground floor and a more private one on the 3rd floor overlooking the pool area.

The quality of living is central to this development. Grandeur is expressed throughout the generous spaces around the house with quality material finish such as, specially selected profile travertine stones line the facade. There are three bedrooms each of which is substantially larger than those offered by downtown condominiums of comparable location. In addition there are six parking lots for big to medium sized cars. The double volume enjoyed in the formal dining room is extended out over the private jet pool. The pool area is central to the house; it is designed to be visible from the kitchen area, dining area and family room for kids to freely play under watchful eyes of parents. The rooftop is fully utilized as a viewing deck, BBQ space and a small playground so all activities are able to happen.

The houses are also designed to consume less energy and rely on passive strategies to improve ventilation and natural cooling. In order to achieve this, the centre of the building is carved out to allow cross ventilation as well as natural light to penetrate further into the building. To reduce solar gain, vertical brise soleil fins are installed for all bedrooms, which have the added benefit of improving privacy, and low heat gain glass is selected for fenestrations throughout. Plant pots are also placed around the façade envelope acting as vertical gardens, further improving the quality of living.

Key to multi generation living is a dynamic house that can respond to changing needs of its inhabitants, a place that would grow up with its owners. Throughout this project, we have tried to strike a balance between respecting the habitants’ privacy, whilst allowing the whole family to connect, a pair of hidden gems, for two families to call home.