The Mali New Contemporary Art wing is a proposition to create a new multi-purpose civic and cultural platform for the cultural district of Lima, Peru. Situated adjacent to a future metro station between Lima’s Historical Exposition Museum and Lima’s main commercial district (Mila Flores), the new contemporary art wing aims to forge a cardinal link between two pieces of Lima’s most essential urban fabric, creating a strong, dynamic integration within the cultural district.

The design prioritizes a seamless connection to its surrounding through a simple downward-push gesture on the landscape strip, creating a gentle slope linking together Dammert Park and Exposition Park to the metro station without creating any unnecessary distraction to the respectable existing. By situating the entire building underground, the sloped roof in the form of landscape plinths creates a multi-purpose elevated plaza leading visitors from the metro station directly to the entrance of Mali Museum.

The design focuses on the idea of Democratic Design, a concept aiming for deep integration between the museum and related activities which allows visitors to truly connect with the arts not only through the museum itself, but also through the public spaces created by the architectural exterior. While maintaining the original function of the plaza as an outdoor amphitheater, the design allows for deeper public integration such as outdoor art exhibitions and extravagant art fairs.

The educational floor located underneath the sloped landscape features a library along with an open floor plan classroom that could be arranged into multiple sized configurations. The bottom floor which houses one, large, climate-controlled space features natural lighting and exhibition spaces with versatile configurations that could be arranged into multiple exhibits.