The Pattaya 6 project involves works across all scale from large through to small interior elements. The site connects the prominent beach front road and Pattaya 2 street. The masterplan renovates existing beachfront community mall and hotel, introduce a high-rise hotel and new onsen, as well as the alteration and adaptation of an old defunct community mall on the Pattaya 2 street side.

The design utilises greenery as a binding element for the whole site. A new green avenue that better connects the two roads together. From the beach road, the existing community mall and low-rise hotel will be re-facade and pockets of greenery introduced. The new high-rise hotel acts as a buffer and provides a boundary to the site to contain view away from the separately operated property behind. The façade of the building plays with exterior planters, lift shafts and fire escape stairs to produces a linear green backdrop to the developments below. The onsen is designed with stepping tiered terraces of lush garden which tiers down to the sunken court which is the focal public square for events and gathering. Adjacent is the renovated defunct community mall on the Pattaya 2 street front.

The proposal to keep the mall existing structure and adapt it saves the client demolition and construction cost. The mall has a pool on the second floor which is renovated into a large planter and a central raised oasis. Landscape steps are introduced to draw visitors up through the building towards the rest of the site. The existing steel arcade roof is removed and replaced with a new bow truss structure to reflect the industrial theme. In addition, the architect is also charged with designing the restaurant and wine bar on the second floor which utilises the central court as covered seating area.

The Pattaya 6 is a mixed used development that improves the connection between two main roads in Pattaya whilst creating new lush green public area for the masses.