Quarter 39 is a row-housing project situated in Soi Sukhumvit 39, on small and narrow plot of land with a soaring price tag.  Due to limited public road and setback regulation policies, it is impossible to issue development for a high rise building. According to multiple absolute regulation policies, the only solution is to develop a set of row houses with an integrated facility complex as opposed to high density condominiums.

In typical row house developments a large percentage of hardscape compared to the total site area is required for road surfaces. With the traditional configuration, the ground floor of each row house is utilized as private parking spaces. To abstain from complying with typical norms and creating mundane row houses, the design proposes to push down the driveway underground, creating a 9 metered roofed landscape garden connecting two opposite rows of houses. The unit design, when adapted to the site dimension, provides a generous span of up to 7-8 meters. The narrowest portion of the site is utilized as a facility complex with a swimming pool and garden. Combining the roof garden with the facility complex, Quarter 39 becomes a row house project with a much higher green area percentage compared to the typical.

The project explores upon the optimal living quality a shop house could provide. The design is developed to utilize the most out of the available natural lighting and passive ventilation. Each unit consists of a basement, mezzanine, ground floor living space, and 2 floors of bedrooms with an integrated courtyard to allow cross ventilation and additional natural light.

The Façade is comprised of glass framed by trapezoidal pre-cast concrete, a solid technique for creating simple geometries in the least amount of time. Insulated glass is used in areas with little to no natural shading such as the top floor master bedroom. By implementing a variety of textures and colors on each face of precast alternating with a glossy dark-grey glass panel, the façade relief pattern can be seen endlessly.