The site is located in a residential area in Ratchada. It is bordered by an elderly home to the north, and the client’s brother’s house to the south. As the house is designed for its sole inhabitant, it is highly tailored project that reflects the personalities of its owner, her likes and dislikes, through the exploration of the complex relationships between the house and its surroundings.

The house is designed as a series of spaces permeated with green pockets segmenting areas from private to semi-public and public. The site is split in half with the main functions of the house positioned towards the brother’s site, creating a long private garden on the north half of the site. The side facing the brother’s house is a solid wall ensuring privacy. Low fenestration of glass blocks is punched into the walls to let natural light into the interior without compromising privacy. The central courtyard breaks the solidity of the south façade and engages the neighbour. The private master bedroom walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom are connected to the public living and dining area through a corridor flanked on both sides by greenery. The private quarters enjoy two private gardens with a terrace for the client to enjoy reading on her hammock.

As the client is the sole inhabitant of the house, all measurements are catered to her dimensions. Careful attention was given to the height of shelves, tables and ledges to ensure maximum comfort.

The project celebrates the complex relationship between the client her house and the surrounding contexts. It delights in juxtaposition; it is a story of complex paradox of contradictions and unity.