Siamese Gioia condominium is located in the prime neighborhood of Sukhumvit area surrounded by buildings in the same typology, 8 storey condominium with 3 meters’ setback from boundary line. This condominium consists of 2 blocks with shared common facilities on ground floor and common rooftop garden. The architectural treatment of window fins is designed to serve two purposes; firstly, to filter the strong sunlight of tropical climate and secondly to provide residences’ privacy. The details of the fins are developed from the idea of casement window where series of angled openings area placed to allow the light to penetrate. The variations of the angles and the positions create the privacy for the residences. The architectural elements are carefully coordinated with interior and landscape design in order to create the comfortable living spaces for the residences.

The tropical climate encourages the use of outdoor spaces. All the residential units on the ground floor are double volume space with mezzanine level and private garden with an extended view to the common green area along the building perimeter. At the typical floors, all residential units have its own balcony in full width of the living room. This allows them to open up to use the balcony space as the extension of the living room. On the rooftop, all units have its own private roof terrace that connecting to the sky park on the roof level.

The common area at the ground floor was designed to be a large continuous water feature with series of reflection pools, a swimming pool and a children’s pool that connecting external and internal space, and reflects the natural sunlight into the shaded space under the building.