SCOPE Promsri is an eight-story, low-rise condominium in Promsri alley, the prime location for being the main route that links Soi Phromphong (Sukhumvit 39), Soi Klang (Sukhumvit 49) and Thonglor (Sukhumvit 55) together. The areas where exciting lifestyle shops, sports facilities and eating places are sprouting up in all alleys to be discovered by neighborhood explorer. The design of this residential compound aims to embrace the spirit of the neighborhood by providing immaculate modest framing, hidden behind which are sprouting secret courtyard gardens to be discovered by the residents.

The residential units were planned along the perimeter of the site providing framing for the internal courtyard. The building was designed with extended stone vertical and horizontal fins, providing privacy for the residents whilst allowing them to enjoy softened natural sun light. The simplistic yet sophisticated architectural language was carefully applied throughout the whole architecture.

The landscape design of the internal courtyard is centered by the swimming pool which sits on top of the parking area. The pool was designed to provide extensive water layers with composed tall planters imitating the simplified form of natural stone formations. These planters provide shading and cave-like transition spaces while series of leaves and trees foliage were planned to create a mystic scenery. Through the entry, framed by metal clad oversized door frames, the residents will move through pockets of public living room and resting areas where they can enjoy the lush center courtyard. The architectural facade facing the courtyard was planned with layers of sky planters to provide lushness of softscape continuously from ground level to roof level of the building. The architecture is set back to allow nature to play the central role, by providing well coordinated levels for soil depth and services to maintain the landscape.

The residential units are planned to be compact but able to provide generous scale for living. The architectural dimensions were carefully planned to be fitted with built-in furniture and loose pieces which cater for fully liveable comfortable lifestyle.

The overall architecture was well planned and thought out in every scales to provide valuable homes for those who wish to live in this urban neighborhood.