On Nut is becoming one of the most popular after-work destinations. With an abundance of new restaurants and outdoor markets, the area is quickly integrating itself to the city centre. However this up and coming area is under transformation, there are now establishment inserted into old urban fabric. Which is interesting and at the same time, it is still chaotic.  The design of Siamese Sukhumvit aims to make the architecture stand out from its context through a defining concept of “Grid-like Simplicity” in contrast of chaotic surroundings. With a series of large square glass facade set in a regular grid of exposed concrete members in scattered pattern, the building simultaneously manage to evoke a modern aesthetic, while also reflecting the neighborhood’s ecstatic lifestyle.

Siamese Sukhumvit is a mixed-used complex that offers a combination of residential, offices and retail spaces split between two buildings. This approach seeks to eliminate the traditional development of residential on a podium. Instead, the five-storey retail/office building sits at street level acting as a common plaza providing an accessible pedestrian experience while connecting the residents to the street.

The tall-slender tower incorporates 339 residential units with a floor-to-ceiling height of 4.5 meters allowing the residents to design the interior space within their units. Each floor incorporates large square openings that offer the residents with ample amounts of light and uncontested views. When completed, the residential tower will be the slenderest building in Bangkok. With height to width ratio of 1:10, its exceptionally thin profile is supported by an exposed concrete frame tube system coupled to a central core. The efficiency of the structure is aim of the design and it is enhanced by expressing its simplicity throughout the façade of the building.