The site is in a busy Bangkok neighbourhood amongst the heart of a bustling residential area with convenient stores, restaurants, and retail shops in abundance. The ambition was to create a recuperating place for residents.

Like many big cities, Bangkok hardly provide green area in the commercial district. Therefore, the project places a great emphasis on living amongst greenery. As such this became the driving force of the project. Every unit would have a substantial balcony, projected outwards and a tree. This became the overall design language of the building. From the ground the building is treated as a monolith with white and pixels cascading up the tower. The tower is clad in tinted glazing and grey expanded mesh. When complete the monolith will take on a grey appearance and overtime, the mesh will give way to climbing plant and the building will be clad in vertical green. The white balconies are shifted to give head room for every tree to reach mature height a foliage to blossom.

The project is planned with six separate lift cores, allowing all units to have a private lift access. This enhances the privacy of the residents exemplifying the project’s tranquil recuperation aspirations. The Planning is very compact, utilising a mixture of mechanical and traditional parking, with the latter being three storeys underground. The lobby proper is clad in marble with a white aluminium ceiling patterned with a lighting feature reminiscent of the sky. In contrast the lift lobby is clad in black marble, with black mirrors to widen the room and alleviate the lower ceiling height. The swimming pool and gym is placed on the 18th floor prior to stepping back prompted by the height restriction. The units above the swimming pool are triplets because of the narrow depth. The roof is landscaped in a uniform motif borrowed from the façade planters.

The project manages compact planning to produce a luxurious hideaway from the busy chaotic city energy of Bangkok. It provides greenery much needed in the district for the residents and the public.