The original shop was set up as an outlet, to support the state initiative project to improve rural life by extending villagers skill, provide additional income for rural families and preserve tradition, craftsmanship and national heritage.

The original branch was being relocated to a new site at Or-Tor-Kor market. Known for its emphasis on traditional food and craft, compliments the shop’s hand woven fabric and rural products. The relocation of the shop from private compound to market improves public accessibility and deepens public awareness of the project and Thailand’s heritage. The busy market is mainly laid with concrete and tarmac, with plant shops providing the only greenery in the vicinity. In line with the project’s principle for better living the architect reduced the shop footprint so that nearly half of the entire site area was designed as green space. This provided natural shading of the building, as well as a meeting and resting place for everyone visiting Or-Tor-Kor market.

In order to achieve maximum open public space in such a limited site area without having to compromise business activity, all shelves and storage areas were radically arranged and redesigned. Once storage spaces were maximised, the building was carved and green area introduced. Although the overall floor area is smaller, shelves and storage area are doubled that of the previous shop.

The relocation also afforded the opportunity to rediscover and revitalise the shops identity. What began as a relocation project has manifested itself into a revitalisation project. Traditional hand woven fabric, the original intention and identity of the outlet, are brought to the front of the shop and allocated three times the display space was given previously. In the central section, retractable display shelves were utilised, allowing rolls of printed fabric to be stored efficiently and easily pulled out for display. Externally the project identity is reflected in the hand laid brick pattern that resembles distinctive pattern of Thai woven fabric displaying the organisation virtue to all passersby.